The Pantyhose For The Modern Man
Sport - health - fashion The number of men who want to do something for their health, their wellbeing, and their appearance is fortunately increasing constantly. As a man, you may ask what all of this has to do with tights. That is easy to explain! What do you think has more sex appeal for women? Wellbeing You may have an occupation where you are primarily sitting or standing and wonder about repeated leg pain, with no recognizable reason for this. Almost as many men suffer from circulatory problems as women. According to medical studies, approximately 20% of both sexes in each age group are affected by this. The beneficial effects of support and compression tights have already been documented for both sexes. Understandably,  tights for men were never a ‘real’ topic until now, because there were no ‘real’ tights for men! Classic tights are made for women and can therefore not accommodate the male anatomy. The fact that only approximately 200,000 men wear support stockings and tights in Germany is not surprising, if one has suffered from the existing lack of comfort (see ‘Story’). Health Health is naturally also related to wellbeing. Those who are healthy feel good. Unfortunately, health does not maintain itself. During long periods of stationary sitting in offices or while travelling, for example, exercise breaks should be taken in order to prevent leg pain or even thrombosis. This activates the skeletal-muscle pump and stimulates circulation. Comfort4Men tights increase this effect in an elegant and comfortable manner. Circulation is pleasantly supported by the additional compression of our tights, even without movement. Wearing compression tights is naturally also a preventive measure against painful and unaesthetic vein conditions, such as varicose veins and spider veins. Sport & performance enhancement There are already studies that show that wearing support and compression clothing has a permissible ‘doping’ effect. A 2-3% performance enhancement is cited, which does not sound like much. However, athletes say that this can be the difference between winning and losing. Comfort4Men tights are especially ideal for sports involving the legs. When running or cycling, the cooling effect of comfort4men tights is very pleasant. Conclusion Test our comfort4men tights with their exquisite comfort – you will no longer want to do without the advantages.